Our Vision

The ability to monitor arbitrary molecules in the body as we undergo our normal daily routines could empower us to make educated decisions regarding our diet, fitness, medical treatments and overall health status. Our laboratory pursues this vision by developing biology-inspired electrochemical sensors that enable real-time, continuous measurements of a wide range of physiologically-important molecules in vivo. Our research blends chemistry with engineering, biophysics and pharmacology to, for example, study factors involved in the recognition of small-molecule targets by nucleic acid- or peptide-based receptors, design and fabricate implantable biosensing devices, develop metabolism-responsive drug delivery approaches, and produce diagnostic platforms for personalized health care. We pursue these goals in an environment that nurtures creativity, inclusivity of ideas, and innovation.

We are certified as a green lab!

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

As members of Johns Hopkins University and of the greater scientific community, we acknowledge the harm perpetuated through systemic racism and unjust biases. Netz Lab is committed to providing a supportive environment in which the dimensions added by diversity of race, ethnicity, nationality, immigration status, culture, socioeconomic status, veteran status, disability, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, pregnancy, and marital status are valued and celebrated. Our laboratory condemns any form of past, present or future discrimination. It is our mission to consistently provide equitable access to the highest quality education possible. In addition, we acknowledge that creativity, innovation, and synergistic learning arise from diversity of approaches, thoughts, skills, and experiences. Thus, to build an optimal learning environment, we must actively seek to build diverse research groups in communities based on respect, equity and inclusion. In the following link we share our laboratory’s action plan to build and maintain a safe, diverse and inclusive environment: Netz Lab DEI Action Plan.

Editorial Work

Dr. Netz Arroyo was elected Technical Editor of ECS Sensors Plus in 2023, a new journal by The Electrochemical Society. This multidisciplinary, gold open-access journal provides an international platform for publishing high-quality impactful articles and promoting scholarly communication and interactions among scientists, engineers, and technologists whose primary interests are materials, structures, properties, performance, and characterization of sensing and detection devices and systems, including sensor arrays and networks. We invite you to browse the journal (ECS Sensors Plus), learn about its Editorial Board, or read Editorials authored by Dr. Arroyo included below: