Safety is our priority 

In Netz Lab we take safety very seriously. When interacting or working inside our laboratories, all users must comply with the following PPE requirements:

  • 1) Barrier lab coat
  • 2) Safety goggles
  • 3) Nitrile gloves (or application-appropriate glove material). Gloves should be removed before leaving the laboratory

The following are NOT permitted in our laboratories:

  • 1) Short, miniskirts or any apparel that does not cover the skin above the knee when seated
  • 2) Open-toe shoes, sandals or shoes made of loosely woven material 
  • 3) Long hair and loose clothing should be constrained
  • 4) Jewelry such as rings, bracelets and watches should not be worn

Reference Laboratory Safety Documentation

Documentation on Proper Lab Attire [Link]
Documentation on Gas Usage Inside Biosafety Cabinet [Link]
Documentation on Hazard Assessment [Link]
Documentation on Health and Safety for Animal Users [Link]
Cleaning Up Biological Spills [Link]
Handling Laboratory Waste [Link]