Very proud of the work by graduate student Alexander Shaver, who just published the article “Alkanethiol Monolayer End Groups Affect the Long-Term Operational Stability and Signaling of Electrochemical, Aptamer-Based Sensors in Biological Fluids” in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces. #NetzLabHopkins

In this study, Alex demonstrates the importance of selecting adequate monolayer chemistries to produce longer-lasting electrochemical biosensors. Specifically, we are working towards improving the operational stability of electrochemical, aptamer-based sensors to enable multiday sensing in vivo. More to come from the group! #NetzLabHopkins

Lab News and Media Coverage – Before 2019

Our in-vivo work has been covered by the Pharmaceutical journal, a Royal Pharmaceutical Society publication.  Santa Barbara, CA. 09/21/2018 Click on the image to access the article Netz Arroyo posing for a promotional flyer, Center for Bioengineering @ UCSB.  Santa Barbara, CA. 05/31/2018 Netz Arroyo is awarded a Chemical Science Research Presentation Prize at the […]