2020 has been a tough year. So in the Netz Lab we cherish the special moments that make us happy. We are wishing graduate student Alex Shaver a happy, socially-distanced bday!

From front to back, Netz Arroyo, Alex Shaver (holding the cake), Miguel Pellitero and Jonathan Mahlum. Missing in the picture is Vincent Clark, who trades spots with Jonathan in the afternoon to comply with our JHU SOM social density policies. But he got cake too later in the day!

Sharing an interview I had with ECSblog regarding the status of our lab during the COVID-19 lockdown. I hope this series of faculty interviews will help our community cope with the situation and motivate our trainees to get creative and do something to help. Stay safe all!

A big thanks to Jamie Spangler, Taekjip Ha, Miguel Pellitero and Elissa Leonard for working hard toward this effort with me. https://www.electrochem.org/ecs-blog/ecs-adapts-advances-arroyo-curras?utm_source=Informz&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=ECS%20Website&_zs=MvCAd1&_zl=GlKp6