Supplies and Equipment

University Supply Store

Located in the basement of our building
(This is the source of lab trash bins and bags)
9:00 AM to 4:30 PM – For general inquiries and purchases
9:00 AM to 3:30 PM – For ethanol purchases

Purchasing Using JHU SAP

General Ledgers [PDF]
Shopping Cart Instructions [PDF]
Create Service Order Instructions [PDF]
ANPO Instructions [PDF]

As of January 2019, only Internet Explorer (and not Microsoft Edge) supports full compatibility with SAP.
Don’t use any other browsers.

Laboratory Equipment and Manuals 

Manual for Avaya Lab and Office Phones

Manual for Implen Nanophotometer

Quick Reference Guide for Branson 2800 Ultrasonic Bath

Getting Started Guide for Automated Affinity ITC

Getting Started Guide for Automated Nano DSC

TA Instruments Degassing Station

Quick Start Guide for Orion Star A214 pH Meter

CH Instruments 8-Channel Potentiostats and Cetoni Infusion Systems

Room with Analytical Balances and Chemical Storage

Exhaust Hoods for Chemical Synthesis

NUAIRE Class II Biosafety Cabinet

Milli-Q Direct 18 MΩ Deionized Water

Stainless Steel Surgical Table and Biosensor-to-Computer Workstation

Information for the Shipping of Substances

Shipment TypeShipping NameUN NumberHazard ClassPacking Instruction (PI)
Category A infectious substance, affecting humans and possibly animalsInfectious substance affecting humansUN28146.2620
Category A infectious substance, affecting only humansInfectious substance, affecting animalsUN29006.2620
Category B infectious substanceBiological substance, Category BUN33736.2650
Dry iceDry ice or carbon dioxide, solidUN18459954
Non-infectious, transducing genetically modified organism or microorganismGenetically modified microorganismUN32459959