Annual Pumpkin Carving Celebration, Fall 2023

Current Members (Back to Front): Vincent Clark, John Mack, Saron Yoseph, Raygan Murray, Elysse Ornelas, Yuchan Yuan, Erin Demek and Yao Wu. Plus family and friends!

Graduate Students

John Mack
Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology Program
Email: jmack15 (at) jhmi (dot) edu
Super Power: Approximate knowledge of many trivia facts.
Project: Development of closed-loop control platforms for accelerated wound healing.

Vincent Clark
Chemistry-Biology Interface Program
Email: vclark19 (at) jhu (dot) edu
Super Power: Taking care of plants.
Project: Alkanethiol monolayer crosslinking to improve stability of DNA-based sensors.

Kiara Thompson
Program in Molecular Biophysics
Email: kthom148 (at) jh (dot) edu
Super Power: Expert at untangling knots.
Project: Structural characterization of nucleic acid receptors via NMR spectroscopy.

Elysse Ornelas-Gatdula
Chemistry-Biology Interface
Email: eornela1 (at) jhu (dot) edu
Super Power: Balancing and remembering many schedules.
Project: Small molecule aptamer selections using RNA.

Raygan Murray
Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology
Email: rmurra33 (at) jhmi (dot) edu
Super Power: Designing charcuterie boards.
Project: Exploring molecular transport into dermal interstitial fluid.

Erin Demek
Chemistry-Biology Interface
Email: edemek1 (at) jh (dot) edu
Super Power: Becoming friends with every dog I meet.
Project: Multi-biomarker analysis of anti-inflammation.

Hannah Wilkins (Co-Mentored)
Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology
Email: hwilkin4 (at) jhmi (dot) edu
Super Power: Making sushi disappear at record rates.
Project: Antiretroviral metabolism, transport, and distribution mechanisms in the brain and at the blood brain barrier.

Jordan Miller
Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences
Email: jmill371 (at) jh (dot) edu
Super Power: Professional yapper.
Project: Developing structurally controlled biosensor interfaces.

International Co-advised Graduate Students

Cristina Corona-Elizarrarás
Chemical Sciences PhD Program, Universidad de Guanajuato/Chimie ParisTech
Email: c.corona-elizarraras (at) chimieparistech (dot) psl (dot) eu
Super Power: Master puzzler.
Project: Development of a carbon-supported electrochemical aptamer-based sensor for thyroxine detection.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Yao Wu
Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry
Email: wyao9 (at) jhu (dot) edu
Super Power: Baking cakes.
Project: Application of DNA-based electrochemical sensors to monitoring wound healing and chemotherapeutic-driven tumor shrinkage.

Yuchan (Lotus) Yuan
Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering
Email: yyuan64 (at) jhmi (dot) edu
Super Power: Making new friends in 3 minutes.
Project: Study of molecular transport across biological membranes in rodent preclinical models.

Jacob Weber
Ph.D. in Chemistry
Email: jweber40 (at) jh (dot) edu
Super Power: Playing the banjo.
Project: Development of novel redox reporters for aptamer-based sensors.

Faculty Collaborators

Prof. Philip Vieira, California State University Dominguez Hills
Ph.D. in Psychological and Brain Sciences
Email: pvieira (at) csudh (dot) edu
Super Power: Food fermentation.
Project: In-vivo deployment of DNA-based electrochemical sensors for the study of drug addiction and behavior.

Prof. Jonathan T. Sczepanski, Texas A&M
Ph.D. in Chemistry
Email: jon (dot) sczepanski (at) chem (dot) tamu (dot) edu
Super Power: Craft beer aficionado.
Project: Implementation of L-DNA into electrochemical sensor technologies.

Prof. Philip S. Lukeman, St. John’s University New York
Ph.D. in Chemistry
Email: lukemanp (at) stjohns (dot) edu
Super Power: Simulating self-sagacity by saying sesquipedalian synonyms of simple subjects.
Project: Fusing Electrochemistry with DNA origami for viral biosensing.

Prof. Joseph Wang, University of California San Diego
Ph.D. in Chemistry
Email: josephwang (at) ucsd (dot) edu
Super Power: Sensing anything, anytime and anywhere.
Project: Microneedle E-AB sensor arrays for wearable biomedical applications.

Prof. Bethany Gray, Johns Hopkins University
Ph.D. in Biological Chemistry
Email: bethany.gray (at) jhmi (dot) edu
Super Power: Thinking of new ways to organize things.
Project: Aptamer development for therapeutic and diagnostic applications.

Prof. Gregory Carr, Lieber Institute for Brain Development & Johns Hopkins University
Ph.D. in Neuroscience
Email: gcarr3 (at) jhu (dot) edu
Super Power: Being able to tell if a song is true “yacht rock” or just “soft rock” with 100% accuracy.
Project: Aptamer-based molecular monitoring in rodent brains.

Lab Alumni

Saron Yoseph, PREP Scholar, 2022–2024

Alexander Shaver, PhD in Pharmacology, 2019-2023

Miguel Aller Pellitero, Postdoctoral Scholar in Pharmacology, 2019 – 2022

Kenedi Lynch, Undergraduate Student (Louisiana State University), Amgen Scholar, 2022

Jase Jensen, Undergraduate Student (Dixie State University), JHM BSI-SIP Scholar, 2022

Jonathan Mahlum, M.Sc. Chemical Biology, 2022

Frederick Guzman, Undergraduate Student (University of California, Irvine), JHM BSI-SIP Scholar, 2021

Vanshika Gupta, Graduate Student (University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill), Amgen Scholar, 2021

Kelly Waters, Undergraduate Student (Loyola University, Maryland), Lab Assistant, 2021

Josean Alicea-Salas, Undergraduate Student (University of Puerto Rico, Aguadilla), Amgen Scholar, 2019

Shray Vats, West Windsor Plainsboro High School, Center for Talented Youth Summer Research Program, 2019

Group Picture Gallery