Group Picture, Summer 2020

From left to right: Sam Curtis, Netz Arroyo, Alex Shaver, Jonathan Mahlum and Miguel Aller Pellitero.

Graduate Students

Alex Shaver
Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences Program
Email: ashaver2 (at) jhmi (dot) edu
Super Power: Cookie baking
Project: Chemical approaches to extending the life of electrochemical, aptamer-based sensors in vivo.

Jonathan Mahlum
Chemistry–Biology Interface Program
Email: jmahlum1 (at) jhu (dot) edu
Super Power: Making Comic Sans font look good
Project: Experimental and numerical analysis of DNA – small molecule therapeutic interactions.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Miguel A. Pellitero
Ph.D. in Electrochemistry
Email: mapellitero (at) jhmi (dot) edu
Super Power: Making self-powered sensors
Project: Expanding the library of redox reporters for DNA-based electrochemical sensors.

Lab Alumni

Josean Alicea-Salas, Undergraduate Student (University of Puerto Rico, Aguadilla), Amgen Scholar, 2019.

Shray Vats, West Windsor Plainsboro High School, Center for Talented Youth Summer Research Program, 2019.

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