Interested in Joining the Lab?

Interested in Joining the Lab?

Information for Rotation Students

Please follow any program-specific guidelines before contacting Netz. Once you are officially able to request a rotation, please email Netz directly to make an appointment. He will discuss projects and opportunities available in the lab, and what you can and cannot expect from working with him. Do not confirm any rotation schedules with your graduate program until you have received direct verbal and email confirmations from Netz stating that he will be taking you as a rotation student.

Information for Prospective Postdocs

All lab-sponsored job openings will be directly advertised in our website and in scientific employment databases. Please refrain from inquiring about postdoc positions unless you 1) have seen a job ad from our lab or 2) have the ability to financially support yourself (e.g., through a research grant, postdoctoral fellowship, etc.). However, you are always welcome to reach out to Netz with any other questions through the contact tab in this website’s menu.

Information for Starting Postdocs

Here is a list of steps you can follow to get going with your job appointment:

Day 1
1.- Go register at Miller Research Building (MRB), Room 147. You will sign job contract and benefit documents. The administration will provide you with a “fake” Social Security Number that you can use when asked until you get the real one. Bring with you your official ID/Passport.
2.- Go get your Hopkins badge from Nelson/Harvey, Room 108. Bring your papers from MRB 147.
3.- You must do a tuberculosis test. Call 410-955-6211 to make appointment. bring your docs from MRB 147 to the appointment. The test must be completed within 10 days from your arrival to Baltimore.
4.- Open a bank account (Bank of America is next to the School of Medicine, on Monument St). You don’t need a Social Security Number to do this, unless you want to get a credit card.
5.- Note: The Office of International Students (OIS) is closed on fridays. Ideally, you should go there first before the MRB. The link below will take you to a step-by-step itinerary of what you need to do:

Day 2
1.- If you haven’t, check in at the OIS (Suite 405). You will have to fill some forms on their computer. Bring all your documents, including: passport, DS2019, and I-94. They will give you form I-9, which you must take to the Financial Manager of the Department of Pharmacology.
2.- Fill the Foreign National Information Form (FNIF) and send it to
3.- Get an appointment at the OIS for a J-1 Scholar orientation session.
4.- Our Financial Manager will give you the W-4 and MW507 forms that you must fill after getting your Social Security Card.
5.- To apply for the Social Security Card you must wait at least 2 weeks after checking in with the OIS. The following link explains the process:
6.- The card will arrive at your home address within 5-7 days. If after 2 weeks you have not received it, go back to the social security administration.