Lab Policies

Our Lab Culture

  • We strive to work on problems that matter to the scientific community and to society in general, with the specific goal of improving human health.
  • We tackle hard problems that our skills set and experience are uniquely able to solve.
  • We achieve our research and professional aspirations by performing work that brings incredible joy to us. So we not only work but also play, explore, and discover to constantly feed our creativity and inspiration.
  • We believe in our vision knowing that others may not at first, and we push hard to develop and share new knowledge.
  • We deeply care about and put effort into the craftsmanship needed to communicate our science clearly, neatly and in language that is easily understandable by all.

In other words, we approach science with mindfulness and intellectual aggressiveness.

Ethical considerations

The Netz Lab is committed to fostering an environment that promotes academic and professional success for all research personnel. To accomplish this we encourage and actively promote an atmosphere of mutual respect, collegiality, fairness and trust. All members of our group should be familiar with the following guidelines on the Responsible Conduct of Research:

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Guidelines

The Chemical Professional’s Code of Conduct

Academic Professional Guidelines


You are expected to demonstrate progress in your project (e.g., new research results, manuscript write ups) on a weekly basis in accordance to our group meeting schedule. The amount of hours that you invest in the lab on any given day will be a function of the experiments and research goals that you have set with Netz.


Netz has a flexible vacation policy. However, you must discuss your vacation plans with him and get approval before you make any travel arrangements.

Rules for common areas

The rule is simple: be clean and respect the rights of others. If you used it, clean it and put it back in the right place. We will perform monthly lab and office clean ups and regular inventory checks to ensure lab resources are well organized and continuously resupplied.

Laboratory responsibilities

Laboratory responsibilities will be assigned biannually at group meetings, based on joint decisions between Netz and the group members.

Lab notebooks

Paper laboratory notebooks will be available to all lab members. However, Netz requires that you transfer all content to computer-typed electronic records as described in our Data Management Standard Operating Procedure. Netz will supervise both your handwritten and your electronic records for accuracy. He will provide feedback on your record keeping during weekly group meetings.

Lab personnel evaluations

Netz will provide personnel evaluations as required by the Department of Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences and by the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. These will be provided as needed or on an annual basis. Moreover, Netz will individually meet with each member of the group to discuss annual performance, evaluation and expectations for the next academic year.